Sunday, November 13, 2016

Witty Jokes

Witty Jokes

1. Unexpected accident

Husband calls the wife and tells that he is in the hospital and he has been met with a big accident. The wife rushed to the hospital and asked how that happened. Husband replied

“I was running my car, and suddenly the truck came to my side and crushed my car, but due to the safe help of women, I was safely ejected out of my car and came here in the hospital. The doctors are telling that I need to have a big operation where there is the possibility of death.

After listening to the matter, the wife replied: “Who was the women, what was she doing with you ?”


2. Parents always taught the child to bring everything with utmost care and after checking every piece of the thing bought. Father always used to say “You should check and verify what you are buying for the money. You should get value for money.”

The child was requested to bring the matchbox next day when he came from school. He checked each and every matchsticks to see whether they are working fine or not.


3. Never cheat

There was competition between two people to see who swims very fast in the ocean. They were about to be dropped by the helicopter and supposed to swim the ocean and come to the island nearby. One had reached the island. The second was about to reach, but suddenly he had started drowning. So the first participant tried to help out with his hand, but the second one denied. He asked why, the second one answered, “I never cheat.”


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